10-November-2016 – Don’t Panic Day

Don’t Panic Day

Things I Learned On November 10, 2016:-
          You Create Some Misunderstandings Due To Your Own Mind Limits.
          You Get Respect From People If You Respect Yourself.
          Always Keep A Balance In Your Mobile To Avoid Misunderstandings With People.
          People Can Be In Bad Moods At Times, Don’t Push Them To Change Their Mood.
          Change The Way You Deal With People At Some Times For Some Occasions. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Mehta)
          That Awesome Moment When You Take A Stand For Yourself To Say What You Want To. (Soft Skills Ca Group Discussion)
          Either You Like Work Or You Don’t, There Isn’t Any Middle Way Called ‘Mood For Work’. (Lesson Credits: Tanya Nagpal Mam)

          Don’t Panic.

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