15-November-2016 – Learn Whatever You Can

Learn Whatever You Can

Things I Learned On November 15, 2016:-
          Some Things That You Worry, Never Really Happen.
          Help People As Much As You Can. (Keeping Bag Of Sandeep)
          Just Say Whatever You Want To, Rest Is On People That How They Take It. (P.S. Asked Minakshi Mam To Drink Water, She Smiled And Said That She Is Fine.)
          Some People May Have Same Problems That You Do But The Solutions That Are Applicable On You, May Not Be Effective For Them. (Ahmad Discussed Everything That He Had Been Feeling)
          Plans Must Not Be Kept Rigid, Rather They Must Be Changed As Per The Circumstances. (Honey Chilli Potato Canceled.)
          You Must Have A Creative Thinking Ability In Your Life. (Soft Skills Class)

          Give Compliment To At Least One Person Every Day.

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