What People Think, Does Matter. (Not Always But Yes, Sometimes It Does)

What People Think, Does Matter. (Not Always But Yes, Sometimes It Does)

Today, when I was coming back from college in a bus, I was reading an article on Hindustan Times. I was sitting at the seat, located on the left side of the driver, near window. After around 15-20 minutes passed, I finished reading that article and changed the side of the page and started reading an article named, “Listening To Employees Is An Important Engagement Tool”.
Later I noticed that a woman who was sitting next to me, got attracted towards one of the articles on that page of newspaper, then she held it a little and started pulling it towards her. I thought her to be very well educated woman. Out of generosity, I passed that newspaper to her and pulled out another page of newspaper from the bag to read any other article. However, after around 60-70 seconds, she returned that newspaper to me and then I continued reading the same newspaper.
Subsequently, 10-15 minutes later, to give my eyes a little rest from the newspaper, I looked towards my right to see at other passengers in the Bus, just to give a little turn to my neck as well.
The moment I turned my face towards right, I saw a disaster.
I was like, “Oh Am Gee”, quickly I pulled out my mobile and started laughing, by looking at its screen so that nobody can question about why I was laughing.
So what was it that made me to pretend using mobile but in fact laughing out loud?
Actually, when I turned towards right, I saw this woman with 30% of her index finger in her nose.
I couldn’t find any other way to laugh out Loud.
In contrast, that one moment I realized that what people think, does matter at certain times. It all depends on how you utilize that fact.
Thank you for reading,
Rohit Sood

(P.S. This incident made me laugh, hope it made you smile at least.)

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