16-November-2016 – Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

Things I Learned On November 16, 2016:-

          No Matter How Much Lazy People Are, But You Must Focus On Doing What Is Right. (Excel Class)
          That Awesome Moment When You Feel Yourself When You Are With Someone. (Komal Meet.)
          Happiness Is What You Feel Inside Your Heart When You See A Smile On A Face Of Someone Special.
          Giving Brings Broader Smile And Taking Things From People.
Thanks To Likhit Sir For The Following Points:
          Value What You Have, You Will Get Its Worth Back.
          Accept Your Mistakes, Doesn’t Matter Whether People Like It Or Not.
          Believe In Yourself. (Ahana And Micheal Story)
          Stop Begging From People, Rather Learn Marketing Skills. Learn To Sell Your Idea.
          He Showed A Video, “An Inspirational Teacher Or Teddy’s Teacher”.
          He Told The Love Story Of Micheal And Ahana Which He Read From Readers’ Digest.
          He Told A Story Of Rickshaw Puller Of 67 Years And His Life Up Till 84 Years.
          He Told About Barry John And His Acting School From Where The Actors Like Srk, Irrfan, Aamir Got Training.
          He Narrated A Story Of Mr. Narayan Murti And Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
          He Told A Story Of Charles And Peanuts In Which He Was Told That He Was Good For Nothing And Had No Scope.

          We Are All Heroes, We Just Need To Believe In Ourselves.

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