Kindness Pays Kindness


Kindness Pays Kindness:
Today morning, when I was sitting in a bus, I suggested a newly married girl, who was sitting in front of me but was carrying a heavy bag on her lap, to keep her bag by my side.

Later in the evening, while returning back from college, this time it was a different bus, it had its all seats occupied with the people, I stood in the middle of the aisle.

After some minutes, the aisle also got crowded with people.
Few moments later, a girl advised me to keep my bag with her seat.

To my surprise, it was the same newly married girl to whom I gave a space to keep her bag.

Lesson Learned: – That Amazing Moment When You Get To Experience Kindness From The Same Person To Whom You Showed A Humanity.

Thank You For Reading,
Rohit Sood


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